Healthcare Gateway

Simple Gateway for the Home

There are an increasing number of personal health devices on the market designed to connect to smart phones using Bluetooth. These are useless for a large portion of the target market – elderly and infirm people who do not have or cannot use a smart phone.

The solution is Acute Technology’s Healthcare Gateway which operates as a bridge between wireless healthcare devices and a cellular network Wide Area Network (WAN). It is designed to be unobtrusive, simple to use and inexpensive. It can be installed by the user and requires no configuration – just plug it in and it will start sending health data from your devices to the server.

Healthcare Gateway

It is implemented as a module that plugs into a mains wall socket, and has both a male and female mains connectors, for many countries. This is to ensure the simplest possible solution for users. There are no unsightly wires and the user does not lose the use of the mains socket.

Acute Technology arranges the telecoms contract, so the users or carers need not be concerned about fitting SIM cards or paying monthly bills to a mobile phone supplier. The SIM card works with all mobile network operators, extending coverage to most locations.


  • Mains powered – no need for separate powers supply and messy cables.
  • Designed for seamless, unobtrusive connection with minimal user interaction.
  • In-built mains socket means users do not loose a wall socket.
  • Versions with plug/sockets for several countries are available, including the UK, Europe and the US.
  • High-efficiency low standby current ac/dc power supply – 110V or 230V.
  • Low-power wireless radio interface (Bluetooth Low Energy or ZigBee Healthcare Profile).
  • Quad band GPRS radio interface.
  • An internal SIM card is supplied
  • The SIM card connects to all networks, extending coverage to most locations.
  • Single bi-colour status LED (red/green).
  • Option for battery backup option, in case of a failure of the mains power supply.

System Operation

The initial market for the Healthcare Gateway is for moving telecare and telehealth data from the home to carers, but it can also be used for other machine-to-machine communications applications.