My Medication Monitor

Green capsules in blister packDo you, or someone you care for, have trouble taking the right medication at the right time?


If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps 30% – 50% of medication is not taken as prescribed, and this can serious. Maybe 25% of hospital admissions can be traced to failure to take the right medicine at the right time.



Can we help? We are developing technology that will:


  • Remind you when its time to take your medication.
  • Add sensors to your medication packaging to detect when you take your medication.
  • If you are late, sends a message to others who can remind you.
  • Makes a record of when you take your medication, for later review by healthcare professionals or carers.
  • Works will pill boxes, inhalers, multi-dose trays and pill bottles.
  • Includes a “Medication Passport” where you can enter details of all your medication – helpful to you, your carers and your healthcare professionals.


Can you help us?inhaler_pic1

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