Technology for Smart Homes: Healthcare and Energy

Acute Technology offers novel technologies for the smart home. Our work has applications in two areas:

  • Telehealthcare – standards-based technologies that deliver both telecare and telehealth services inexpensively and unobtrustively.
  • Smart metering – with an emphasis on re-using smart card technology for security.

Intellectual Property Policy

Acute Technology invests significant amounts resource into developing its technologies and believes strongly in aggressively securing, exploiting and, where necessary, enforcing its IPR to further the interests of the company and protect its freedom to operate. Acute Technology may be willing to enter into licensing arrangements to allow third parties to use certain IPR. Licences are only granted in writing. This statement is not to be regarded as any type of waiver of any right nor is it to be regarded as an offer of a licence and each approach will be treated on its own merits. It is Acute Technology’s policy to respect third party IPR and not knowingly to infringe any such IPR.